Length of men's knitted hat

What Length should. Man’s knitted Beani be from Crown to finished edge?

@Crafty2 It’s really personal choice. Some people prefer a hat that sits at the top of their ears and some want the ears covered. Are you making this with a pattern or winging it? If you’re making it up as you go you could look at a few patterns and see what numbers they give.

I usually make hats that cover the ears. My method though is a little different…I cast on and start knitting and then I use my hand as a measure. Placing the heel of my hand on the cast on edge then when the hat gets to just past my finger tips I start the decrease rows. My hands are appx 6.5 inches. The decrease section is probably 3 inches so I guess overall it’s about 9-10".

Thank you that was very helpful…

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