Length of circular needles?

Hello, I am trying to find information on the needle lengths for the Birkin sweater pattern. The pattern only seems to specify the needle sizes. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Which Birkin sweater are u making? There are 3 patterns called Birkin on Ravelry.com.


It depends on the type of sweater. A raglan will be knit all around unless it buttons in the front. A regular sweater will be knit front, back, and sleeves then sewn together. I’m thinking a 40 inch? Circulars can be expensive buying one at a time. This might be the time to get that interchangeable set you’ve been looking at. Some of my fixed circulars ran $18-25 apiece. The set was like $60. They have a connector piece that you can connect as many cords as you want to make it any length. Two 24s, two 32s, etc. Some sets come with a 40 inch. You will have to read product description carefully.

Hi thanks a lot for asking! I am trying to make this Birkin sweater by Caitlin Hunter (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/birkin-3).

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Thanks for your suggestions- I will check them out

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Here a chart that may help with estimating the number of sts that will work on a given circular needle. The chart is about halfway down the page.

I have that sweater on my list of favorites. Looking forward to hearing how it goes and to seeing a photo when you finish.

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Hi - what a great chart! Thanks a lot for sharing. Yes I hopefully will be posting the finished sweater in the future, as so far I have never tried something so complicated…