Length measurement

I am working on a pattern.
The first 12 rows (garter stitch) is using size 6 needles, and then change to size 8 needles (both side is garter sts and middle is stockinette sts).

(garter sts) ===stockinette sts=== (garter sts)
(garter sts) ===stockinette sts=== (garter sts)
((((((((((((((((((( garter sts )))))))))))))))))))))))))))

My question here is, when I measure the length from the CO edge, it doesn’t give me same measurement .

The measurement start from the far edge of Left is 4 inch-> 4.5inch (about after 5sts) -> 5 inc (right after 6 stockinette sts) -> 4.5 inch -> 4 inch.

So, what is causing this and is this normal?
and when the pattern said work until piece measure 5 inch from CO edge. Which measurement should I take?


What are you making? Can you please provide a pattern name and a link (even if it’s paid pattern it helps to visualize. Don’t post the pattern here just the link.

Garter stitch naturally has a tighter row gauge than stockinette, so yes, you’re normal. :slight_smile: I’d recommend measuring in the middle up the stockinette stitches as the garter will likely be blocked out to match that row gauge when you’re done.

you are right, lewister. I tried 2nd time and happened the same. Do you think it will help if I try to knit loose a bit on garter sts?

Don’t worry about it. The designer should have taken that into account in writing up the directions so there is the expectation that you’ll have different row gauges. (Also, apparently an assumption you’d measure in the middle of the piece.) The differences in row gauge can be blocked out after you finish the piece. The garter stitch sections will be stretched a bit to make them match.

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