Leg warmers were such the thing when I was a kid- Now they are coming back in style! (Whatever?!) Anyway, I have some really cute multicolored yarn and a kid coming to my knitting group who thinks this yarn is amazing. I decided I should make her some legwarmers. I found these ones on Pinterest, but of course, there is no pattern! https://www.pinterest.ca/pin/143481938122183363/ I found a similar pattern on Ravelry, but I do not want to make as many of the diamond pattern- I want them to look more like the ones on Pinterest. SO, how? Is the diamond pattern itself 16 rows or will that make more than one set? I just want this to be simple and I like the look of them better than the pattern I found. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/basic-patterned-legwarmers
I am super excited about it and I am hoping to have them done before Jan 8.

Ah yes, leg warmers.
The ones from Pinterest look so lovely and soft. Part of what I like is the yarn that was used. You might try a swatch to test out how frequently you want the diamond to repeat both vertically and horizontally. For a child (even a tall child) these aren’t going to be very long and it certainly sounds workable.
Here’s a video for a 16 row pattern as you thought:

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Thanks! I went with the pattern on Ravelry, and it is turning out great! (I say it not they, because I can only make one at a time!)

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I frogged- I started using a bigger than indicated needle, not realizing how different the results would be- I have been a knitter far too long to make such a rookie mistake!

Anyway, I decided to make this sweater- this is actually the color of yarn I have.

That’s so cute. Yes, when working garter stitch in the round you knit a round, purl a round. And patterns can be confusing.