Leg Warmer patterns

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I’m planning to make a set of leg warmers for my doctor’s wife (for warmth in the coming cold weather) and his two daughters for their dance classes. I’ve never made leg warmers before and really want these to be special.

Recently, through two surgeries, this doctor saved my life and went the extra mile to do some “repair” work that greatly improved my ability to function. He’s already on my schedule for a wardrobe of super socks, but I’m also making some things for his wife (who works in his practice) and the two other office staff members as well, all of whom were absolute angels in a time of real need.

So if you have a really beautiful leg warmer pattern or can direct me to where I can find some, I’d really appreciate it!

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Ruthie :clink:

Ruthie, first let me say that I’m so happy that you made it through your surgeries and are healing well. :slight_smile:

Second, as a dancer who knits, I like thigh high leg warmers myself with a fabric that is breatheable, cotton or cotton blend is good. You could use a wool blend, too, depending on the climate but I live in Savannah. I found several thigh high leg warmer patterns from Lion Brand and they have child sizes, too. I got this one by typing in “thigh high” but some show up under “leg warmers”, too. Don’t use all acrylic yarn–it is suffocating for dance class.

Here is one that uses sock yarn but Lion has them in worsted, too.

You need to sign up but all the patterns are free.

If you are looking at knee high, ChicKnits has one that is free also:

There are also tons of leg warmer patterns listed here:

If you are on Ravelry, there are tons of patterns there, too. Some are free and some are not:

But Lion has the only thigh high pattern i could find.

Happy knitting!

Banbi, you’re WONDERFUL!!!

Thanks so much for the good wishes for my recuperation. I’m so grateful to finally be moving in the right direction!!! :o) And it was very nice of you to acknowledge that.

And you hit the nail right on the head - the girls who are taking dance classes like the thigh-high leg warmers so your referral to that pattern is PERFECT! Also, I’m so glad you mentioned not doing them in all-acrylic. I have some really nice Lion Brand Wool Ease that’s a combination of wool and acrylic so that should be perfect. The Wool Ease is the white multi, white with a thread of sparkly silver running though it. It’s a gorgeous yarn and I thought I’d bead the top and bottom ribbing, one with faux pearls and one with crystalette beads so the girls can differentiate between them. Sound ok from a dancer’s viewpoint?

Again, thanks so much for your reply. It is certainly super-helpful!

Ruthie :o)