Leg openings for a dog coat

Hi, I’m new to this forum and it’s a miracle I have found you. I am knitting a hooded dog coat for my daughters dog. I’ve followed the pattern so far but now have struck the leg openings. I have pulled my work out 3 times and really need help. I won’t let this defeat me.
The pattern says:
Leg openings: Next row (RS) K5 (5-7-11). Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. K36 (46-56-80). (including st on needle after cast off) Cast off 4 (6-6-10) sts. Knit to end of row. Note: All leg sections are worked at the same time with separate balls of yarn for each section.
Is someone out there able to help me?
Thanks so much.

Welcome to KH!
You’re going to be making 2 square openings in the knit fabric. For the smallest size k5, bind off 4sts (this will mean k2, lift first st over the second and repeat), knit the next 35sts, bind off 4sts and finish the row. You’ll have 2 gaps in the knitting and 3 sections of sts on the needles.
When you go to work back on the next row, you’ll come to one of the gaps. Drop the working yarn and start a new end of yarn. Knit across the middle 36sts to a gap, drop the working yarn and start another new end of yarn. Knit to the end of the row.
Every time you come to a gap, drop the working yarn and pick up one of the added strands on the other side of the gap.

Hi Tina

I made that sweater and was just as frustrated as you are. I have a pattern that i love and find it really easy in fact i have made 8 of them, one for my dog which is a hound dog snd for several of my friends, everyone who sees it wantd one. The only down fall is that it doesn’t have s hood but has leggings for the front legs and it is a turtleneck. The name is "Free knitting pattern from Lion Brand Yarn fancy fur microspun turtleneck dog sweater, pattern #50570. The one you are making is Hoodef Dog Sweater by Bernat right???

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Hi Trisha
Yes it sure is. I have pulled it apart so many times. I will definitely
give your pattern a try. Thanks for replying. Great to have contacts.


Tina glad i could help. This pattern is straight forward and you have me if you get stuck. I still have people coming to me to make one for them. I have used many different yarns and have mafe sweaters plain, stripped, ruffled anywsy they wanted. Do i sound excited? I am! It is a pattern that you can do so much with. I am in the process of figuring how i can convert the turtleneck into a hood. Good luck, take a picture when you finish!

Thanks so much for responding. I will give this a go tonight. Do I use the double pointed needles at this point?


No! There is no double pointed needles used just straight and ctrcular both size 8.

Brilliant. Thanks so much. I seem to be going ok so far so hopefully I can
post the finish product soon.
Thanks again Trish. :grinning:

Not sure how I post a photo of the finished product.

Go to the Reply button and in the reply box, click on the up arrow in the center of the top ribbon. Then follow the directions to locate the photo on your computer and click the Upload button.

Tina!! You actually finished the sweater? Which one? The hooded or the one i gave you the link for?? I am not sure myself slthouhh i did it once…


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I hope you can see the photo Trish or I may have sent two to another. It was the pattern that you both helped me with. Can’t believe I did it and I even lined it!. I am definitely not going into the dog coat industry but can tick it off my bucket list perhaps. :grinning:


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Wow, fabulous! You worked this very well and the hood just tops it off perfectly.
You’ve also added a new technique which will come in handy later too.
Nicely done for a very sweet dog.

I think it is adorable!

Thank you Trish. That is really nice of you to say. :grinning:

Thank you. That means heaps. :grinning:

Leg openings with two separate balls of yarn.