Left twist stitch

This is the pattern I’m working on: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/L0592.html?noImages=

I’m trying to do Square 3. The directions for the left twist say to: Knit the 2nd st on left needle through the back loop and leave on left needle. Then k2tog (the first and 2nd sts on left needle) through back loops.

I know what it is asking me to do, but I’m having trouble. No matter how loose I made my stitches, it still feels too tight when I try to knit the two together through the back loops. I’ve read two methods of doing the left twist, this way described in the pattern, and the other way where you knit the first stitch as normal after you do the second stitch through the back loop. I can do that method easier. Is there any difference in how it looks?

I think it will look different, really. If you knit the two through the back loops you will have a decrease twisted left. And you knitted the second once more, so you actually have the same number of stitches, but the stitch you see will be twisted. And if do it the second way the stitch you see will be normal, facing right, as to say. The only thing I can think of right now that will look similar is to make it as cable stitch - i.e. change the places of the first and second stitches on your left needle, the second coming before the first from the back of your work, do the now first (it was your second) as normal and stitch the now second - which was the first - as twisted, through the back loop.

I think the trick to doing these crosses is to pull a bit more yarn through when you make the first st so that you have some leeway to do the second part of the twist. The best thing for you to do is try both ways on some scrap yarn and see which you prefer. One has a twisted st, the other doesn’t. Either one, used consistently and paired with a similar right cross, will work in the pattern.

Do a sample with 22 sts, enough for 2 pattern repeats of 9 sts, and a couple edge sts. Try the pattern with both twist - one done their way and one done the other way, see if it does make a difference. It may be that since it’s new to you and just awkward, and that by practicing it this way you might get the hang of it. Or you might find doing them without the k2tog looks alright too. I don’t like how the k2tog R twist looks, it seems messier than knitting the sts separately.

I’ve got it! Thanks everyone. My biggest problem was getting the needle through the first stitch when I knit the two together. Pulling a bit more yarn through like Salmonmac suggested helped a lot. Mostly I think my needles are making it more difficult. They are very cheap plastic ones that I borrowed until my knitting store gets the kind I want in. The yarn drags really bad, so it makes it more difficult to maneuver, but I’m getting it! It’s looking good!

Yes, plastic needles can be sticky, just like bamboo. Metal are the slickest kind.

You’re not going to get the entire needle through those loops. It’s okay to do it on the tips. What some knitters do is slip those stitches on the left needle to be worked on a smaller needle, like a double point. If you are using size 8’s, slip the to-be-crossed stitches on a 5. It gives you a little wiggle room. But it can be a pain if you’ve got a lot of those crossed stitches in the row.

I have almost the exact same question as the OP. I am about to start a hat pattern that calls for a left twist and I have seen two different versions on Youtube, just like the OP.

The instructions for the hat say:

Left Twist - Slip the next 2 stitches knitwise (separately, not together). Place both stitches back on the left needle as they are (twisted). Knit second stitch through the back loop, keeping the stitch on the left needle, then knit both stitches through the back loop, dropping both stitches from the needle.

My question is, do I really need to slip the stitches and then knit the second stitch through the back loop and then knit both through the back loop or can I just skip the “slip” part? None of the videos I have seen on left twist involve slipping stitches. Since it is written in the pattern to do it this way, I most likely will follow but I really would like to save myself any unneccesary maneuvering. The more manipulating of stitches I have to do, the more likely I will make a mistake and then be unable to rectify it later.

What’s your pattern, can you link to it? I think the way it says to do the left twist has a subtle difference to the method of knitting the 2nd st tbl and then knitting the first st as usual and dropping both off the needle. I worked several of each and this one seems to lie flatter and is a little tighter. You can try both in a practice piece and see which you prefer. The difference between them may not be significant.

I think that after practicing the way the pattern says will get much easier for you after a few repeats, should you choose to use it.

Yes, it’s the dragon baby hat-http://spinknitup.blogspot.com/2012/07/dragon-baby-hat.html

How cute and it has larger sizes so I don’t have to do math!!!

I think you could use whatever method of twisting the stitches you prefer. If you don’t do one with k2tog on the left twist then don’t do a k2tog on the right twist is all. That is, for left twist, knit the second stitch tbl, knit the first st normally, drop both off. For right twist, k the 2nd st then k the 1st st and drop them both off.

HTH I need to check my stash for suitable yarn. Another WIP. lol

Yes, I’m actually knitting it for my grandmother. I’m going to be using a dark maroon/purplish color. I hope she likes it.