Left leaning double decrease, how to make tighter

I’m trying out a lovely Japanese lace swatch.

For a left leaning double decrease I am doing:
S1, k2tog, psso
And my passed over stitch is a little bigger than I’d like and looks enlarged compared to the other stitches.

The right leaning double decrease I am working as k3tog which is coming out nicely as it’s quite tight and the same size as the rest of the stitches.

Is there an alternative left leaning double decrease which will avoid the enlarged slipped and passed over stitch please?

I’m not a fan of the psso in a decrease either. You can fiddle with the psso to tighten it up but it never seems quite right. Here’s a couple of alternatives that you might try:


Sometimes for the sake of similarity I’ll work the right leaning decrease as k2tog, move new stitch back to left needle, slip next stitch over. It doesn’t fix the problem with the S1, k2tog, psso but it can help them look more like they belong together. Depending on the pattern sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. This video is the corresponding right leaning decreases for the video salmonmac posted. Your best solution might not be my best solution. I’m hoping you’ll let us know what works best for you.

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Thank you. I like the SSSK better.
I’ve just tinked back a little and tried it out on the last one I did and it is an improvement.

@GrumpyGramma I did try an earlier row with the passover on both to make them mirror but in this instance it just made them both stand out. They are in a column of traveling single decreases so having 1 larger stitch in that column sticks out like an error. On a different pattern they would look nice though.

My son looked at the swatch and told me the double decrease stitch was ugly so the difference must have been quite noticable! I’ll be able to show him the improvement tomorrow.

Thank you both.

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I’m back.
I’m getting the 3 stitches on top of each other in the wrong order kn this double decrease.

The left leaning double decrease SSSK
How do I switch the order so that the 2nd stitch (central stitch) goes to the back, and the 3rd stitch is mounted on top of the central stitch?
The 1st stitch (furthest right) leans correctly and is mounted at the front/on top.

I have the same error in the right leaning double decrease k3tog. I just discovered the order is incorrect for how the stitches should flow.
So, I’d like the central/2nd stitch to sit behind, the 1st/right stitch to be mounted second, on top of the central stitch.

Not sure I’m describing this well.

Edited to add
Left leaning
Could it be:
slip1 knit wise, slip 2 together knit wise, k3tog tbl?
Or am I producing a problem or twist?

I am still scratching my head over how to re-order the k3tog.

If you want a certain order to the sts then you’ll have to rearrange the sts on the left hand needle. Roxanne talks about the final landing place of the 3sts. Rearrange yours so that the stitch you want in the middle ends up there on the right hand needle and the flanking sts are in the order you’d like after the decrease. It’s a bit like cabling without a cable needle.