Left-leaning and Right-leaning Decrease for Purl Stitch

I’m working a rib pattern (mixed knits & purls) and need to make right- & left-leaning decreases for shaping on the fronts and sleeves that leave a purl stitch so I can remain in pattern. The pattern, which calls for a stockinette fabric but I’m substituting a ribbed fabric, calls for k2tog & ssk, but those leave you with a knit stitch. I need an equivalent that leaves you with a purl stitch.

I looked up info for p2tog & ssp but the info I read assumes your are working them from the purl (wrong) side of stockinette fabric and seems to say that you would work based on how you want the stitch to appear on the opposite side (front/stockinette side) of the fabric (i.e., work the p2tog for a decrease that appears to lean right from the opposite/front/stockinette side of the fabric). So do I work a ssp instead if I want to end up with a right-leaning purl stitch as it appears on the front side of the fabric…the side facing towards me? I’m so confused.

My experience with the purl stitch is that you don’t get such a pronounced lean to it. What you would like however is that the purl stitch stays on top of the knit stitch so that you maintain the look of a purl stitch. Purl tbl and p2tog should work for you depending on where you are in the rib sequence. You can always experiment on a swatch to test out which decrease will work best.