Hi. I learned basic knitting when I was a kid, and have recently picked it up again - I am loving this website!

Here’s my question: My 9-yr-old daughter wants to learn also, but she is left hand dominant - do left-handers knit in reverse or is it standard for everyone no matter your hand preference?

Thanks for your help!

Lori Ann :thinking:

My 10 yo DD :XX: is a lefty knitter. I know there are certain things that she has to watch for in patterns. But I’ll leave that to the lefties to tell you about.

Alls I know is that I can’t work on her stuff! :??

And from the other end of the spectrum, I taught a left-handed woman to knit last year, and I taught her ‘righty’ because there was no way I could make it lefty. Plus since all the patterns are written as for one type of knitting, I had no idea how to convert them.

She, and other lefties I’ve read about, knit perfectly well. The only thing that has evolved is that she tends to hold the right needle still and does the majority of her movement with the left needle.

I would vote to teach your daughter regular knitting as we know it.

I’m a lefty and was taught to knit by a right handed person. I guess I have adapted a few things, but for the most part I knit as a right handed person would. It never seemed a big deal------two hands, two sticks, one string!!!

I am a lefty and I knit and crochet right handed. Knitting is really a two handed enterprise (unless you’re one of the few who tucks one needle under their arm), so she should be able to pick this up as well as anyone. I will say that knitting continental is faster for me because of the left hand. I think that you should teach her to knit your way, so that you can help her later.

i am left handed too and i would just suggest going to someone who doesn’t insist that she learn how to knit left handed. it is better to be “forced” to knit right handed than left if she is at all ambidextrous (of course this is just my opinion) because people won’t be able to help her when she gets stuck. My teacher just basically sat in front of me so i could see what she was doing and taught me how to knit continental since most of the work was done with the left hand anyway.

i had to pull out my needles to see if i do the same thing that Ingrid says and i can’t tell that i do but i was conscious of it so maybe i do…it is likely that that is correct for what i do too. sounds like what i do for other things anyway…lol

I’m also a lefty who was taught by a right handed knitter. I knit English the right handed way. Again I agree with teaching the way you knit so you can more easily help your duaghter. Usually children find it easier to learn English, and most children adapt pretty well, especially since knitting is a two handed activity. :wink:
I also play piano and guitar, both right handed, and when I tried a guitar strung “backwards” I was totally lost. :wall:
Another consideration: if she’s ever going to work from patterns or charts, they definately have a right-handed bias. A true “left-handed” knitter has the stitches being knit off the right hand needle onto the left needle, therefore types of decreases (left-slanting or right-slanting) have to be switched, and sometimes the directions of cables too. It can get REALLY confusing. I’m a [size=6][/size]VERY[size=3][/size] left dominant person, but I can’t get my head around knitting lefthanded.

Good Luck and Happy Knitting to you and your DD! :XX: :XX:


I am a lefty and I taught myself to knit this past year…I tried continental (but my tension was just too…TIGHT) and I now do it english style, and I do it from left to right like most people. I am very lefthanded/footed dominant, and this has never been a problem for me, ever.

I remember when I was growing up my mom knitted in reverse, and let me tell you, the results were sometimes a bit unpredictable. Do your daughter a favor and teach her to go from left to right, like the patterns go, and like how most people who will help her will go.

I’m a self taught left-handed knitter that knits left-handed. I’ve reversed everything for so long, I don’t notice. The easiest way to teach a leftie to knit as a leftie is to face them instead of sitting beside them. I’ve taught alot of righties this way.

OOh, and by the way, TRY to teach the continental method, it’s MUCH faster.

I am left handed, but knit right handed. I have problems purling, as it just does not seem natural to me, so I do it backwards, working left to right…sounds confusing, but it isn’t, it’s like knitting backwards is all.


I’m a lefty too… Never had any problems adapting to knitting the “right” way… I think that (in the beginning) knitting is a bit ackward. So whatever way she it taught, she’ll pick up on easily.

I realize this thread is a few weeks old, but I was curious at how things were going with your left handed daughter.

I am left handed. I taught myself to crochet 10 years ago…right handed…because that is how the book read. I don’t really move the crochet hook, I move the yarn.

Learning to knit was hard at first because I could not change how I hold the yarn. This site was a God-send for showing me the Continental method. Since I already was comfortable with holding the yarn in my left hand it came smoothly.

I would recommend the Continental method because she can control the yarn with her dominate left hand and still read “normal right-handed” patterns with out problems.

I reccommend Continental too. I’m a Left-handed knitter, but what I find is that I use my left hand almost entirely for tension. Usually, if the needle is long enough, it just rests in my fingers and is held against my left hip while my right hand does all the moving.

I am a left handed knitter and was taught by my mother a right hander… My mother just mirrored for me and I learned just fine. When I need help I usually get help from a right hander and convert it in my head… I have lived 41 years in a right handed world and have surrived just fine… Your daughter will be okay… let her learn the way that is easiest for her! I have found that over the year tying to do something right handed because it was easier for the “teacher” confused me even more. Please let your chil knit left handed! :XX:

Hi Everybody! I just saw this and had to post. I am left handed, as well as my mom. She taught me to crochet when I was about 12, and I’ve recently taught myself knitting. I do both left handed, and Like someone else sain, I’ve gotten so used to flipping it in my head, its not a problem anymore! I think it’s great that you’re teaching your daughter something that you can do together. Whether she does it lefty or righty, continental or english, it’s the passing on of knowledge and the time that the two of you can spend together thats the most important! I hope that both of you enjoy that time together as much as my mother and I did!


Yeah, I’m left handed also and my instructor taught me the right-handed way because she had no idea on how to use the left-handed way.