"Leave remaining stitches unworked" (Need pattern help)

Following a pattern for slippers and it says in shaping the toe that you knit to last two stitches and leave them unworked. Does this mean that I just transfer them to the other needle?


No. Leave them on the left needle. You’re working short rows for the shaping, and will turn and work back on some of the stitches. Usually each row will use up fewer stitches, and eventually the pattern will get them back together on one needle again.

Thank you so much!

Thank You! I had a simple question and you were the only person in cyber space to give me the answer. Remaining stiches. What to do with them?? Great to meet you, Hynsite1.

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Leave the stitches on the needle and keep working the pattern. At some point, you’ll incorporate them back in–sometimes one at a time, sometimes all at once.