Learning to knit

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I love to craft and crochet. But there are so many cute things in knitting that cant be done in crochet, so I decided to teach myself. Right now I am pretty much just working (and reworking) a group of about 10 stitches until I can get my tension right. My problem is I can never seem to get my last stitch in the row to be as tight as the rest. Is there something I am doing wrong or not doing? what videos or websites helped you learn? do you have any tips or tricks that might be helpful? thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Ah, the famous end stitch. All your other stitches are attached at two sides and the end stitch isn’t, so it’s looser than the rest.

When you work the first couple of stitches, hold your yarn a little tighter–that can help.

The end stitches tend to naturally tighten up as you work the next rows.

Another technique is to slip the first stitch of the row. This means it only gets knit every other row, so it is tighter.

There are probably a billion posts about the end stitch, and I think it’s the most common question for new knitters.

Hi. What Ingrid said. If the rest of your stitches are looking pretty even, you’re doing great! Welcome to the wonderful, crazy world of knitting. I and many others crocheted first also. I started knitting because knitted socks and sweaters are generally more to my liking.

In addition to what the others said I suggest casting on a few more…like 20, then keep knitting and don’t rip it out for awhile. Practice is what helps build even tension and often those side stitches kind of work their way in over time.

Thank you everyone :slight_smile: I noticed that once i got a few rows in, it started to even itself out :slight_smile: and my tension is becoming better. now just to get the swing of it!! I would love to make a hat or something, but I only have one pair of straight needles and I have no idea how to go about it lol so I am just going to keep making a straight line for now. It is so different from crochet!!! I appreciate all the help <3

Straight line = scarf!

One suggestion I’ve heard is to take a ball of yarn, cast on, say 6 inches of stitches and just knit till the ball is done. You’ll see an improvement in your tension from the beginning to the end.

You can make a hat flat and seam it… I never use straight needles anymore though. Only circular now.

Agreed. :thumbsup:

when I first started out a little while ago, I noticed that if you knit a rectangle (or on circs a tube), that will fit around your head, you can seam it up the side then gather the top like a drawstring purse and then put a pom pom on top, I was making hats like mad, tbh, I have never made a scarf to this day, and probably never will.

great ideas everyone!!! i think i will try seaming one, but i defiantly will be getting circular needles in the near future :slight_smile:

u guys r awesome :slight_smile:

If you have cotton yarn, wash cloths are great to practice tension on too. You can wash your face or dishes with something imperfect, they don’t care, and you’ll have something smaller that you can bind off and say, “I knitted it myself!”

Yes! And you can play with all different kinds of stitch patterns, too. Good thinking Gramma!

I absolutely did not appreciate wash cloths when I first started knitting. It took a while for me to realize just how valuable a tool they can be. Now I :heart: them!