Learning As I Go

One of the coolest things about KH is the learning without knowing I’m learning, if that makes any sense.

When I first starting knitting and joined KH I was full of ignorance and basic questions. I still have a lot to learn but I think it’s cool that at some point along the way I have actually learned a little and am able to answer other new knitter’s questions here and there.

It’s kind of cool to know that a short time ago I was asking some really basic questions and now can answer some basic questions for others. That’s the great thing about such an interactive community. Helping others learn helps you learn as well.

While I am in no way beyond the beginner stage myself, I am very grateful for having KH and the great community here to learn from.
It’s fun to know that I can give back a little bit by answering some of the questions for others.

For all of my fellow newbies out there, ask questions, stick with it, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit (that’s the really fun part). You’ll learn as you go and before you know it you’ll see a question on the forum and think “Hey, I know the answer to that!”

Thanks KH members.

isn’t that true? I come here every day to just read things, store nuggets of knowledge in my brain (and bookmarks!). It’s a great site and the people are great too. I’m very beginner too, but it’s great when I can even answer my own questions while in the middle of a crisis! It’s because of this great site. Thanks to all!

I think it’s great to see other newish knitters answering questions and giving their own tips. I don’t have to answer so many posts then… LOL

Mason, that’s so true! I wasn’t nearly as adventurous a knitter before I found this forum. Now I’ll jump in and try practically anything, and I love being able to answer other’s questions when they do the same thing! :slight_smile:

Thanks KH!


ditto to all of the above.


I like the fact that I learn things that I didn’t know I was doing wrong. I had been doing the M1 wrong (if you twist you don’t get a hole!) but never realized it. Also, picking up the little things that I think I’ll never do, but someday I come upon it and already have it figured out because I read it here! So much knowledge and everyone is so friendly! I feel a twinge of guilt though when I pass on an answer to someone that I know I learned here but don’t give the original person credit. I don’t think too many people would really care, but another forum I read has HUGE issues with stealing ideas and stuff.


how very true. it’s really inspirational and encouraging to see the positive attitudes and nice things that folks in here have posted (and created!) :heart: :cheering: .

That is the nice thing about this forum, and most (and by most I mean 90-95% of the ones I meet) Knitters in general. We do not OWN knitting, we share it, we grow WITHIN it, Heck, we FLOURISH within this art form. and since we all grow from the wisdom of those who came before us, we take in the generosity and kindness that nurtured our ‘upbringing’ in this skill/life, and choose to grow within its growth by sharing our knowlege and strength with other Novice knitters, thus feeding the ‘circle of knitting knowledge’ for the upcoming knitters, as well as the generations that came before and stillhave things to learn (as we ALL do)

Aint I romantic?


ah, Mason, ever the romantic!
It was actually you that inspired me to make my first pair of socks. We started KH around the same time, and our progress went kind of in sync, but then you broke out and made a pair of socks! I said to myself, "if he can do it I can do it"
But isn’t that the beauty of this forum, inspiring others to do things???

I still feel that way and I’ve been knitting for a couple years. I’m always amazed when I know an answer and if I don’t I go find it. :thumbsup:Thanks to all who help out here! :hug:

In agreement with all of the above. I have been knitting four years and have found the courage and inspiration to try many new techniques because of this board.

And eveyone is SO nice.

I have been knitting for a long time (close to 40 year) but it wasn’t till I found this board that I really started challenging myself. I have tried so many new things in the past few years as a result (felting, socks, clogs, lace). I love the way people share ideas and always pitch in to help someone.
This is a great place thanks to all the people that post here.