Leaf pattern

image does anyone know what sort of pattern this is (cable)?
I want to use it up the front of a babies all in one suit but not sure where to find it

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I wonder if you could play around with this pattern to get close to the baby onesie?

Will have a go, the pattern calls for two strands of yarn together so it may stand out more. thanks

I googled cable patterns knitting leaf motif and several choices came up. Hope you are able to find one you like in one of those. Good luck.

Thanks for looking, I rarely knit cables so I don’t know if the thickness of your yarn makes a difference to how much they stand out :flushed:

Yes, the yarn thickness would affect the appearance of the cable. I think the thicker the yarn, the more the pattern will stand out. I would advise doing a swatch with different sized needles until you get the look you want. Or if you are using a thin yarn, you might consider doubling it.

The pattern I have calls for 4ply doubled and 4 or 5mm needles, I assume that would make it slightly thicker than dk.

Yes, that sounds about right, probably between a heavy DK and light worsted. Do they suggest a yarn brand?

Yes but it’s foreign :flushed: the translator I use is not fantastic