Leaf and lace pattern - Absolute beginner

I am an absolute beginner having first knitted a cardigan for my first born 2 years ago. I am now knitting for the second time, a cardigan for my second and chose the leaf and lace cardigan. I started with Yinspirations but found it too confusing. I then found the same by Paton no.111 and feeling very positive about it. Unfortunately I only have first page of the instructions and although am relatively sure I can work out the next few rows by the 4 preceding ones, I wondered if anyone here can help with that pattern Patons 111 Leaf and Lace p21
Hopefully someone can help me with page 22 or working out the rest. I will try to write out what I think it should be

Welcome to the forum!

That’s very adventurous of you to prefer a vintage pattern to a more modern one. It’s not a simple pattern in either version.
As long as you’ve gone so far in the Patons pattern it’s probably worth continuing. There are a several sources for the pattern.

Good luck with it and please post a photo when you finish.

Thank you SalmonMac. This is very helpful and very kind of you