Latvian Twist Cuff

Found this on a blog and thought it looked interesting. Perhaps for a sock cuff??? Hmmmmmmmm. Lots of ideas.

Latvian Twist Cuff

ooh! pretty!

There is a pattern in one of my Creative Knitting mags that has a hem that looks sorta like that. It has more stitches between twists though. Cute!

If you liked that, see this?

this page took a while to load but scroll way down to Dec 7 at the bottom, the red and white mittens I think, you get a lovely 2-coloured caston. and this one is gorgeous!

Ooooh, that 2nd one, “Braided Caston” is super!!!:happydance:I’m going to have to save that one for future use!

you can do the braided cast on in several colors (not just 2) you can do 3 or 4 or 5 colors of yarn!

when joined with a latvian braid (purl side of a simple fair isle pattern, only the floats are intentionally twisted (as done in cast on) latvian braid can be done in 2 or more colors

here is a sample of a 3 color braided edge

the braided cast on is just one more variation of long tail…

Nicky Epstein uses latvian twist (worked in a single color or 3 coordinating colors (light, medium, dark pink) to make a ruffled edge for knit roses… (cast on a multiple of 6 (36 to 42 stitches) work 6 rows (stocking knit or garter) , do a row of latvian twist, then 4 rows of K2tog…
twist into a circle (it will be be like a single ruffle) add a leaf to make a knit rose>