Lattice Pattern Question

Hi, I am getting ready to begin an afgan that involves two lattice side panels and a center panel with fisherman cables. I am practicing now so that I will know how to create the lattice panels, and I am consistently making mistakes. Can someone please help?

I am using a circular needle and working back and forth in rows. Here are the instructions for the first 3 rows (you cast on 64sts):

Row 1: P2, K6, P2, place marker; K44, place maker; P2, K6, P2.

Row 2: K2, P6, K2, slip marker; purl to next marker and slip marker; K2, P6, K2.

Row 3: P2, K6, P2; * skip next st; with yarn in fron of left need tip; knit in front of next st but do not slip off needle, knit the skipped st; slip both sts off left needle: Right Twist made; skip next st; knit in back of lef next st; knit the skippede st. Slip both sts off left needle: Left Twist made. Rep from * to next marker, P2, K6, P2.

I think that I am making the mistake when I do the right twist. When it says “with yarn in front of left needle tip” does it mean to hold the yarn between the needles as you do when you’re purling? (I knit English style). When I completed Row 3 and did Row 4 (a repeat of Row 2) I found that several “stitches” that were just the yarn laying over the top of the needle. I went ahead and knitted those pieces, and wound up with extra stitches.

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!! Thank you to anyone with any information!!


I don’t know why they would have you put the yarn in front of anything for a Right or Left Twist. I would just do them with the yarn in back, since putting the yarn in front creates a yarn over and an extra stitch.

Oh! I get it now. They want you to make sure that with the first stitch you knit that the yarn doesn’t wrap around the back of the left needle, but comes up from the back in front of the left tip. I think that if they had left that little tidbit out, it would have been automatic to do it that way.

Thank you so much, Ingrid!! You’re absolutely right - I had to have been making a yarn over and winding up with extra stitches.

I will just knit as usual with the yarn behind my work. Thanks again!!