Latoya Help Needed

Hi Everyone… Need to impose once again … only had my camera phone on me, so pics are hard to decipher.

I am on the front.

PROBLEM: when I am decreasing to make the diagonal ribbing: when I start, I come to the K2tog - there are two K stitches there, then I get to the P2tog, and there are two P stitches there, but as I progress (about row 7) when I get to my decrease (RS) there is a P and a K stitch (pic), so I am not sure what to do… do I ALWAYS K2tog on RS and ALWAYS P2tog on WS? Or should I not even be having this issue?

I tried guessing, and would just do whatever the first stitch I came to was, but everything got very motley looking. (pic)

I have pics of what I gave up on last nite and a pic of where I am right now. :pout:

I didn’t even frog, just grabbed a new ball… I was anxious to start over and see if I had read wrong, or just didn’t know what I was doing… seems to be the latter!

Thanks y’all,

If you’re doing a right slant decrease, and the [I]second[/I] stitch is a knit, knit 2 together. If the second stitch is a purl, purl 2 together.

If you’re doing a left slant decrease and the [I]first[/I] stitch is a knit, work a ssk. If the first stitch is a purl, work a ssp.

I will print this out… thanks for the info! Is this something that applies to patterns as a general rule?

Thanks again!!

That’s what I always do, and it always comes out neatly.

Oh, one more ? – do I always slip as if to purl?? Seems like I read that somewhere… :shrug:

With a slip, slip knit or slip, slip, purl, you always slip as if to knit. As a general rule you [I]do [/I]always slip as if to purl, but not in decreases.