Latest Dye Job

Here’s the latest lace weight yarn I dyed. It’s still drying. I can’t wait to wind it up to show off the myriad of rich browns in this hank.

It’s very pretty!

Your photo is too large though. Max size should be no larger than 800 pixels on the longest side. I usually go with 640 pixels on the longest side myself. You can click the link in my signature to review posting photo info.

The color of your hand-dyed yarn is gorgeous…I love deep,saturated colors!!! Please share when it is wound up and knitted…I would :heart: to see it:wink:

Wow! That is gorgeous!!!

What did you use to dye it?

As soon as I re-wind at a different diameter… I’ll post a pic! :slight_smile:

I used Ashford Dyes: Brown Yellow, & Rust colors


Searching through my Jacquard dyes for Rust … I know I have brown and yellow …


I also use Jacquard dyes for the yarns in my shop but I’m always a little afraid of mixing the colors.