Late Christmas present...AKA...My husband is awesome!

I got a late Christmas present today. The thing is, my husband didn’t tell me about it. Apparently he ordered it and they were out of stock, so it didn’t arrive until today. So when I got home from work today, I was totally surprised to find this was awaiting me:

I’ve been wanting a blocking board for so long, and apparently my husband was listening! I am so lucky. :heart:

WOW! That is fabulous!!! Can he send my DH hints? Or just be blatant. Whatever works.

That’s fabulous! One of these days I’ll get one of those, too!

Tell Mr. Marria we want him cloned. :slight_smile:


Ditto :slight_smile:

Awesome! What a sweet hubby!

Your DH is awesome! My hubby isn’t quite as perceptive as yours - sometimes I have to hit him with a cluebat - but he does laundry and cleans, I think I’ll keep him.

Laundry-doing and cleaning are good traits in a husband! :slight_smile:

That’s AWESOME!!! I think we need to have a group meeting and bring him in as the main speaker! LOL

Your DH is certainly a ‘keeper’ and by the way, you will LOVE your blocking board. I have one just like it. They are great and how sweet of that fella of yours to listen. Enjoy - both. :wink:

Then the audience will need to be all of the hubbies.

What a great gift!