Last of the Sibling-In-Law FOs

This isn’t anything fancy, but I’m just happy to have FINALLY finished this scarf. I bought the yarn back in April, started a plain garter stitch scarf, realized my needles were too small to show off the yarn, so I frogged it. When I switched to bigger needles, I decided to play with something besides straight garter stitch, so I started doing an elongated stitch pattern with random-sized patches of garter in between. It’s a great pattern for this ribbonny yarn b/c it shows of the little embroirdered flowers that make up the true lovelyness of the yarn.

This is for my SIL Lynn, married to BIL Brian who is getting the blue baby alpaca toque.

And a closeup:

Very pretty!! She’ll love it!

That is BEAUTIFUL!!! She’ll love it!

:happydance: :heart: very pretty! that looks like Cascade Malizia yarn (?)

Great job on the scarf; looks beautiful. :thumbsup:

Great job on the scarf; looks beautiful. :thumbsup:

Good eye! I realized I forgot to say what yarn I used :rollseyes: I actually have enough left over to make a mini version for my niece (I love to spoil her with girlie things - she’s VERY girlie)

Looks great. I think the change in pattern really did the yarn justice :thumbsup:

That looks so good! Your SIL will :heart: it

Giirrlll…that’s GAWGEOUS!!! I am so glad u changed the pattern, what a wise knitter r u :wink:

Love it- The pattern does show off the yarn. It’s beautiful! :thumbsup:

That is soooo pretty! I love the colors–festive! :cheering: :cheering:

Aw thanks guys! :heart: It seems like such a simple scarf to me, and I was really irked with myself for not finishing it sooner, so thanks for all the kind words!

I’m glad I changed the pattern - the plain old garter on size 7 needles just wasn’t doin it for me. I really hope Lynn likes it - they’re definitely her colors, but I doubt she’ll get much use out of it in the winter as it’s not exactly a warm scarf…and I don’t know if she’s one of those types that wears scarves as an accessory the rest of the year…who knows.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Nice! Great job!

:happydance: thats really pretty I love the color :cheering:

She will be blessed by such a lovely gift. :smiley:

OH I love that elongated stitch!! What great yarn :inlove: