Last Name Filet Crochet Wall Hanging

Hey everyone! I am interested in making a filet crochet wall hanging for my brother and his fiancee that features our last name. I am an experienced knitter and a moderately experienced crocheter, so I know that this is well within my abilities. I am having a really difficult time just finding the sources online.
Is there some kind of blank wall hanging pattern, so I can figure out the starting chain and the edging, and then add my own letters to it? I’ve been searching online for a couple of days :hair: and I just can’t find what I need.

I have not yet mastered filet crochet but it is on my list to learn. I found a book called “Fillet Crochet” I don’t remember if it has the alphabet or not but its a good book to start with.

First you need to select an alphabet you want to use. There are several types…block letters, old English, Cursive, etc.

Then chart out your letters on graph paper, allowing one empty square between each letter. Each of these squares will represent a filet block or space. You will fill in each square when charting the letters (you can either fill the whole block or just use an x which is easier).

As for knowing the amount of chains to start with, you can either work the name from bottom to top or from side to side.
I usually work them from side to side because that way I start with the same number of stitches depending on which font I use for the name.

You would chain 3 stitches for each square in the chart plus 3 stitches for the starting chain. If your first block is a space, which you would want it to be, ch 2 more, then work your 1st dc in the 5th chain from the hook.

Then follow your chart, making a block for each filled in square on your chart, and a space for each empty square.

Crochet Designs has software that you can use to design filet patterns. My mother uses it and LOVES it. She says after she makes her design in the software, it will tell her all the different sizes depending on what size thread she wants to use, and it will also give her amounts of thread, starting chain and so forth. It gives you a chart to print and follow and shows what the piece will look like when finished. She swears by it. I have not used it myself, but I have played with the demo on their website and it is pretty neat. Perhaps for my upcoming birthday…hmmm…

Anyway, hope this helps.