Larger do I tackle them?

Hi, I am a beginner and I am teaching myself how to knit. I have learned the knit stitch, purl stitch and the stockenette stitch. I am no master by any means, but I am considering tackeling a larger project…a baby blanket. Maybe to some this is not a larger project, but I have only cast on 20 stitches so far to make scarfs. So, my question is…how do I cast on a larger project? Some of the patterns I am interested in require 132 stitches. I am only using basic straight needles. Do I need different needles…or what else do I need to do to get started with a larger project? I would appreciate any advice that you could give me. Thank you so much.

Most knitters I know use circular needles for larger projects. You can also get straight needles with flexible cables that have a stopper on one end for back and forth knitting. However, a circular needle would be easier to find.

They do make longer straight needles for larger projects though.

You could of course, knit panels and then sew them together.

What she said. :slight_smile: Might be a good time to buy a couple of interchangeable tips and cables to start your collection. :wink:

Rather than buy longer straight needles, get a circular. You can knit flat things with it, large or small things that are knit in the round (hats, mitts, sweaters) and you don’t have the weight of the blanket pulling at the end of the needles making your arms and wrists tired.

I agree with all of the above. Circular kneedles are the way to go, and perhaps either 24" or 29" circular ones at that for a baby blanket.

All the blankets I have done were made for strait needles and done in sections. I think I’ve only ever done one flat thing on circulars and it should a been a round thing anyways. Maybe I’m werid but I find it awkward to knit on circulars and not be knitting in the round.

Aside from the needles, I’d also suggest you keep a notebook with notes on your project. Write down things like your yarn brand, how many stitches you cast on, any trouble you run in to, etc. This will be especially helpful if you eventually go on to knitted clothing, but I like to do this for any knitted project more complicated than a scarf.

Maybe I’m werid but I find it awkward to knit on circulars and not be knitting in the round.

I find it just too awkward to knit anything on straights. I did a sample of a pattern today and the size I wanted to use, I only had available in straight needles. I can see why it’s awkward for new knitters if they’re using straight ones. Even the 10" ones are about 3" too long…

I was chuckling a bit to myself the other day, swatching on some straights. It just looks so funny to me now, watching the end of the needles rotate around and around like a cartoon! :slight_smile: I’ve def gotten used to circs…

LOL, I swatch on straights too. It’s just easier than having to keep changing the tips when trying to decide which size I want/need. As far as knitting, though? I always use my circs - regardless of the project. I just can’t stand those ends sticking out and hitting everything.