Large eye blunt needle?

hey everyone…again another newbie question…so i’m trying to get everything i need together to start but i can’t figure out why only one place sell large eye blunt needles and no one else does? what is it? i have the understanding that it is to be used to connect knit pieces but is there anything else that can be used?? am i totally off track???

as usual…utterly grateful for all help

I use the blunt or yarn needles for seaming or weaving in the ends. I’ve gotten them a Michaels and Joann. I prefer metal ones, but they also have them in plastic.
These are the ones I have now.

These are the plastic ones I used before I found I liked the metal better.

Most places that sell needles and yarn has them in either plastic or metal - Walmart, Joann etc… They’re labeled as darning needles, tapestry needles and I think another one too.