Large calf and foot/sock question

My friends dh has a large calf and a size 13 shoe. His foot is on the wider side too. How can you adjust a pattern to fit a foot this large?
She was using Silver’s but when she got to thinking about it, the sock won’t fit well in the instep.
She’s using worsted in size 7’s if that helps any.

Depending on the pattern - just add stitches…the foot can be made as long as you want and I believe I read somewhere that you can increase (or decrease) the # of stitches in a sock pattern by 10% without dramatically altering the pattern.
I find most women’s patterns I like are too small for my foot so I can add stitches

best of luck

All I can come up with right now is this link on shapely calves and socks.
She will have to measure the diameter of the calf and swatch to come up with the # of stitches to cast on. The same with length of foot. Measure the length and start decreasing for the toe about 2" short of total foot length. The book Sensational Socks has charts for # of stitches to cast on depending on gauge.

Thank you both so much. I will send her the link and a copy of the post

Oh my goodness; I have the same issue! My fiance has a size 11 wide foot and an 11 calf… I thought I’d never find a sock pattern to fit him. Then I discovered toe-up socks. I always used to love cuff-down socks, but in cases like these, I think toe-up would be the way to go since you could adjust the size of the sock as you go up the leg.

That being said, I think the others are right as well in that all your friend should have to do is add stitches and adjust the pattern she’s using for the added stitches =)

Sounds like you mean the instep will be too tight for a wide foot. She can stop the gusset decreases sooner and the foot will come out wider. For example, if the original directions tell her to decrease to 64, she can stop at 68 or even 72 before continuing the instep.

If the sock seems too snug around the ankle, she can work the heel flap a few rows longer, picking up the new number of gusset stitches to accomodate this, which will give more ease at the ankle. This can also be combined with the change in gusset decreases (above) and both the ankle and foot will be more roomy!:cheering: