Lapghans or lap robes

I’m thinking about trying to make lapghans for Christmas presents, and to possibly donate to area nursing homes.

My first question is, are there any simple patterns for these? Secondly, would baby blanket patterns be sufficient (adjusting them for size, of course).

I’m kind of thinking of just going with a garter stitch border, with stockinette “inside”. Plain, yes, but functional.

Anyone have any other suggestions? I want them to be quick and easy, as I’m a beginner who hasn’t done a lot with different stitches.

Thanks a million, guys! :smiley:

You could have a lot of fun with this. Using baby blanket patterns, or afghan patterns made smaller, or dishcloth patterns made bigger–any would work since size isn’t exact.

Check out for patterns for all of the above and probably some for lapghans themselves.