Lapel Cardigan (Armhole Shaping)

This is my first big knitting project where I’m making a garment. I’m working on the Lapel Cardigan from Yarnspirations/Patons.

I’m currently on the left front and shaping the armholes.

It says:

Cast off 25 (26-27-29-31-33) sts. Pat to end of row. 27 (30-33-36-38-40) sts rem. Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 5 (5-7-7-7- 7) rows, then on following alt rows

4 (5-5-6-7-7) times more. 18 (20-21-23- 24-26) sts rem.

Where I’m confused is this: It says Dec 1 st at neck edge for the next 7 rows (my size). Does this mean every single row I decrease at the neck edge? Would I just be alternating being on the WS and RS?

The next instruction says on the following alt rows decrease 6 more times. What is the alt row? The RS? So I’d decrease 1 every other row 6 more times at the neck edge on the RS?


When you begin the dec it will be every row, therefore it is row 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, then it will be alternate row, therefore it would be rows 9,11,13,15,17,and 19. In most patterns the first row is the (ws) or knit row. If u ou ended your first set of decs on the (ws) then your second set alt row will also be a (ws) row. Hope this helps

Is this it?
Patons Lapel Cardigan

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Yes. That’s it!