Language barrier

Crochet and knitting have no language barriers. We speak in symbols in our patterns. The pattern can be written out or symbols only. Here is a web site that will break the language barrier. If you click on the pictures and finally select one you like you will get the pattern when you click near the bottom of the picture. The pattern is symbols .

I’ve been playing around with it… and can only kind of get it to work. My adobe reader keeps telling me it needs to shut down and restart and I do that, but it tells me that again. Bleh…

But i’ll keep playing with it. The patterns they have are GORGEOUS and worth the puttering to get :slight_smile:

:pout: Unfortunately it’s asking me to install the Japanese language support package for Adobe…sigh.

Thanks for share though!

Edited to say: I just upgraded my Acrobat Reader to v.8.1 and was asked when I revisited and opened a pattern, If I wanted to download the Japanese language support file, which I did, and now the site works perfectly. :woot:

Hope this helps anyone who wants a look-see and has my original problem

There are a lot of cute patterns there! I noticed some patterns were .pdf files, some were plain image files, and some had videos. Cool!

Debi (who took a year of Japanese courses in college)

Oh Oh… finally got it to work. I’m making this bag… I have the bottom all done (in about an hour…) and i’m about to start going up the sides. I did have to look up a symbol chart, but it looks right so far. dance It’s so pretty…

On my Hook…


I have my eye on this one, a silk rayon wrap. Since the yarn in the pattern is a sport weight, I’m tempted to try out the new hemp yarn at Elann. The green is even named “Green Tea.” Hmmmm!



I love that wrap and their Hemp colors are gorgeous…Can’t wait to see your FO! I’m Thinking the jacket I want to make would look great in their Bittersweet Hemp???

Thanks for the info :wink:

Proof, that the language barrier doesn’t matter. My first FO off that awesome website. I’m so in love with it. I’m probably going to have to make more. I did have a few problems with the bottom of the bag… as it took me twice to get it right, but once I figured it out, It came out awesome. :slight_smile:

Your bag turned out great (and quick)! Congrats on your FO. :cheering:


Karrying Kolor, I think the Bittersweet hemp color looks great for a cardigan. The yarns they use in the pattern are a wool/silk/cashmere blend that appears to be fingering weight, plus a strand of metallic polyester/rayon. The gauge might be pretty close with the hemp on a small hook. I wonder how the hemp would feel against the skin as a cardigan, though, since the stitches are so dense? I’ve never used that yarn before so I have no idea if it would be soft or feel like twine. :noway:


I have a friend who knitted a sweater with hemp and the material is soooo soft. Try the yarn against your skin and if you like the feel then go with it. I played with this site and found pdf’ and symbol patterns. How did you get to Japanese support files? I haven’t found that yet. I just loved the patterns and wanted to share.

I am also learning Japanese language as I am interested to learn this…

Languages are simple to learn but the thing is if you wanted to learn it.