Laila's Crazy Quilt DONE!

[COLOR=navy]Well, finally! The Stash Yarn Crazy Quilt for my dear granddaughter is DONE![/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000080]48 Squares, each 8"x8". [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000080]All patterns for the squares were taken from “200 Afghan Squares”.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#000080]Each square was almost a perfect fit…despite all the slight differences in gauge! Some blocking and steaming and tweaking helped a good fit![/COLOR]



:passedout: That’s a lot of seaming! It looks awesome though! Is Laila your daughter… or gd?

AWESOME…totally awesome!

That is awesome… though part of me hopes that I never have that much yarn in my stash (my hubby just wouldn’t understand).

vry very cool


As always, your work is :passedout:.

Your family is totally lucky to have such a wonderful knitter as yourself! Wow!

wow! it’s wonderful!!! :passedout: i agree, a lot of seaming! but definitely worth it… I bet she’ll enjoy it!!!


YUP! The mattress seaming took TWO DEDICATED DAYS…I mean [B][I][COLOR=teal]dedicated![/COLOR][/I][/B]

I have another CRAZY QUILT planned for Celeste, my other granddaughter. However…the seaming for Laila’s crazy quilt drove me so crazy :eyes: that I am going to do something different for Celeste’s quilt.

I am going to cast on 210 stitches…35 stitches from each of 6 different skeins…and work back and forth off those 6 skeins til the squares created reach 8" in height…then I will swap out those 6 skeins for 6 different skeins…and so forth…til the quilt is 6 squares wide by 8 squares tall…48 squares in all.

I developed a master plan using an Excel Spreadsheet. I weighed all my Stash skeins. I know that each 8"x8" square takes about 25 g.

So I now know how many squares each Stash skein will give me…and by that I can plan out a Crazy Quilt.

I will follow that plan as best I can.

This style of Crazy Quilt will eliminate the seaming! It will require “color block” techniques…but…that is easy compared to seaming!

Thanks for all your generous words! I love this Crazy Quilt better than any I have made in the past. I just love the saturated primary colors. Such HAPPY COLORS!

This colorful quilt is for my 4 year old granddaughter. My DH and I have 10 grandchildren…8 girls and 2 boys. I have knit a million stitches for these babies over the years!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

just beautiful!!! :inlove:

Beautiful stitching!



Really beautiful!!!

Mattress seaming? What is that?

That turned out beautiful! Your granddaughter is going to be so happy and I’m sure she’ll treasure it for many many years!

You must have an amazing stash. (I’m ashamed to admit that I could probably knit at least one or 2 of these myself from stash yarn)

Who wrote the book that the squares are in? I really like some of the patterns!

::::::::::::::Nathalie raises her hand to be adopted by Artlady::::::::::::::

Lucky, lucky family! What a blessing your hands have been!!! :hug:

I :heart: your crazy quilt!!! It reminds me of an afghan my grandma made for me.


What a great idea! What are “Color block techniques”?

It’s a way to attach pieces so the seam is invisible. Amy has a video on that :cheering:

ArtLady, this is fabulous:passedout::passedout::passedout:. It soooooo loooovelllyy. You’re such a dedicated knitter :notworthy:

Thanks, I’m off to find it!

Uh, all that sewing!!! Of course it’s beautiful…everything you do is. Your granddaughter is very lucky.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx