Lady Eleanor stole help!

Hi everyone! Happy weekend!
I am starting out the lady Eleanor stole this weekend and I just wanted to clarify a few things. The pattern calls for us to slip purlwise wyib all the time but I was just wondering if this includes the tier 1 rectangles. On row 3 the yarn is already at the front of the work ready to purl but if I follow the pattern I would be putting the yarn at the back an then bringing it back forward for the next p6. So do I put the yarn in back to slip the purl or do I just go ahead and slip the purl with the yarn already in front?
Thanks for the help!

This is the entrelac stole? Basically it looks like knit on the RS and purl on the WS. You should slip purlwise wyib on the knit rows but on the purl rows it makes sense to leave the yarn where it is, ready to purl, and slip the st. That way you won’t have a bar on the front of the work across in front of the slipped st.