Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

Have you guys made the Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole from Scarf Styles? If so, what yarn did you use? I’m leaning heavily toward Noro’s Silk Garden, maybe Noro Kureyon, or Karaoke; I just can’t :?? make up my mind…any thoughts?

i am making one right now in Karaoke and am having problems with the yarn as i mentioned in my other thread

you can LOADS of finished ones here in all the yarns you mentioned:

the Noro ones are gorgeous

My SP7 made one during the knitting olympics, with Silk Garden if I recall correctly. She also started a second one out of Noro Shinano…

here are pictures:

and here’s where she blogged about it: (starts near the bottom of the page)

They’re really stunning. :inlove:

LOL, I’ve look @ the Scarf Style kal a dozen times & the more I look the more indecisive I become :rollseyes:
I love, love both colorways that your friend used, Julie…the Spring Garden colorway is discontinued & the I can’t tell what the shinano colorway is :shock:
decisions…decisions…decisions :rollseyes:
This is part of my anniversary gift from Lonnie & I hope to narrow the selection down a bit :?? but don’t know if it’s possible…I like too many yarns to decide; still leaning toward the Spring Garden, though :smiley: Now I must decide on the colorway…perhaps I’ll wait until we go OOT, I would hate to decide on an absolute fave & the LYS not have it.
So…Lady Eleanor will definitely be added to my very long project list :thumbsup:

I got this book last fall for the Turtleneck scarf/shrug and have fallen for several patterns… thanks for the blog link! :happydance:

Oh yeah, I love almost everything in Scarf Style! I wasn’t thrilled with Wrap Style, but that’s just me :smiley: I also have a couple of other projects from the book on my to do list… :roflhard: :rofling: it’s really long :smiley:

This don’t know hwo this is–but she has her stash and her FO’s and some that she WANTS to finish. SHe has got things so organized, I was amazed–and wow, what a stash this girl has, lucky lady!! Iwonder if she OWNS a yarn shop!!


You should check it out. :shock:

:smiley: That’s Julie’s friend, I think! I love the colorway on her Eleanor & it’s discontinued :frowning: But, I’m sure I’ll find another colorway :thumbsup:
She is organized…very, very organized :rollseyes: me…not so much :wink:

Yes, that’s her! She has a killer stash!! :smiley:

:shock: No duh!! I just went thru her stash photos…amazing!! Makes my stash look small :wink: I need to go shopping :thumbsup:

Wow, beauteous stuff. Even Julie’s SP7 contribution is in there!

OMG!!! What beautiful Lady E and OMG what a stash!!! (excuse me while I wipe up my drool :shock: )

One day I hope to have a sweater made out of Adrienne Vittadini yarns. The colors in her pics would be perfect!!! How to become her friend? :thinking:

Thanks for sharing this!!


:smiley: yeah, she has an absolute yarn shop collection!! I want her stash…I wonder if she has it insured?! U know, in case there are yarn thieves about after looking @ her photos :roflhard: :rofling:

I decided to use Noro’s Silk Garden #8, I think it will be lovely, whenever I get around to knitting it…it’s on my very long project list :smiley:

I went to a free class at Yarndogs in Los Gatos on knitting the Lady Eleanor stole. After over 2 hours, no one got past the middle of the tier 1 rectangles (above base triangles). Being a flake :eyes: plus still consider myself a beginning knitter after 1+ years, I could not even get past the base triangles!

Been taking a stab at lady e for last 6 months… and doing lots of ripping out (some might call me stubborn, I prefer persistent). Switched to straight from circular. Finally got the base triangles on my needles a couple of months ago. Then I could not get tier 1 to work. Switched from one color to two so I could see more clearly what I was doing between base triangles and tier 1.

Still struggling with tier 1. I have a side triangle and some rectangles but don’t look right at the “seam.” It’s the picking up stitches that is driving me batty. :wall: I am suppose to pick up and purl 8 stitches from each base triangle…picking up 6 is ok but getting two more for 8…aieee!

I watch the video here but still NOT sure. Since this is lady e “how to” thread…can someone tell me how to correctly squeeze 8 pick up stitches out of the side of a lady e base triangle???

I fudged a lot… the first st is the one leftover from the section you just did, maybe put one in at the base of that, then pick up along the edge, and you might have to pick up another in a spot at the end just before the one from the next section that you purl together on the next row. I can’t explain really, but if you knit the correct number of rows where you’re picking up from, (16) then you’d pick up one every other row.

[COLOR=black]After reading this thread… and looking at the picture. I want to Lady Stole. but I have a couple of question.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]Can I use my Malabrigo yarn?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I consider myself a Intermediate/beginner knitter. Do you think I could do this pattern? It looks real hard.:frog:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]And I have been looking for the pattern… I guess I have to buy the book? Which I don’t have a problem with.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=black]I have been wanted to make something special with my Malabrigo yarn, just could not find a pattern that I thought would look great with the yarn. The Lady E looks like what I have been wanted to do.:woot:[/COLOR]


I am about halfway way into my second Lady E. Both are out of silk garden (I think the first one was 211 and my second one is 228). Cmello, when I was doing my base triangles I thought I’d NEVER get past that row. I don’t remember how many times I frogged those triangles but I did it so much I was afraid that I was going to ruin my yarn. Things were much easier when I started using stitch markers between each of the sections. That way I could be [I][COLOR=Purple]sure[/COLOR][/I] that I [COLOR=Purple][I]always[/I][/COLOR] had eight stitches in each section. I hope this helps some.

For such a different technique, it’s not a bad idea to use some leftover yarn to practice on. I did that before I got the Rowan tapestry and it made it much easier to figure out once I had the good yarn.

After reading all about the wonderful scarfs in the the book, I order it. I got it today.:woot:. WOW…:thumbsup: you guys were right. Now which one to start with first. :shrug:

and I found a wed page on how to do the Entrelac. So I have been [COLOR=black][FONT=Times New Roman][SIZE=3]Practicing [/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR] on it.