Ladies hoodie knit with cotton

I have 23 balls (42.5 g each, 68 yds) of Handicrafter Twist in Denim colourway. The ball band says this is a Medium 4. I was going to make myself a cardigan with it, but I have decided I want a nice sloppy comfy hoodie (not tight fitting) instead, also I would like to put a zipper in it, not have a closed from (because of the lovely menopause I have to dress in layers of quick remove clothing). I was thinking of perhaps something with a cable up the zipper edge and around the front of the hood. Has anyone got a pattern I can knit that would use a cotton yarn? I sure would appreciate the help. Thanks!


I checked ravelry and no hoodies, but sweaters in cotton that maybe you could add sweaters to? Make your own pattern?

Drops Design had a couple cotton sweater patterns…

Here are some. THe knitscene one (central park hoodie) - I think the pattern is free thru interweave knits or maybe for purchase; I just couldn’t find it quickly.

I can’t say how the guage or yarn in any of these will compare to your cotton yarn.

I would read up the section of this book that talks about cotton yarn - No Sheep for You by Amy Singer. You might be able to find it at your library (mine has it). Cotton is not very elastic and doesn’t have good memory so Amy may have some tips for using it for a sweater/hoodie project.

found it - it’s for purchase, unless you have the Knit Scene issue it was published in.

Thanks so much ladies, perhaps the Central Park Hoodie might be the one I would like, only with not so many of the cables. Thanks for all the work you went to to find these patterns for me!

If you like the CPH, check out some of the blog entreis at Knitting Daily about it. Could be someone has already discussed using cotton, changing cables, etc.

I just bought this pattern, but I’ll probably use wool. I don’t see why it couldn’t be made with cotton.

I looked on Ravelry for various types of cotton like yours and similar and there aren’t too many garments.

I saw a girl in a CPH at Stitches - it was made with Rowan Cotton Tweed and it looked great!!! I asked her about is and she said it has become fer favorite sweater that she wears all of the time!! Go for it - I plan on making it myself!

Today DH handed me the credit card and told me to go ahead and get the pattern for the CPH. I also got one for a hoodie called Drop Stitch Hoodie from the same store. So now I have two to choose from! DH says he likes the CPH much better so I guess that is the one I am going to make as he is the one that has to look at me when I am wearing it! Thanks for all the help deciding!!!