Okay, I have learned to do Magic Loop and 2 circular needle knitting. When I am using 2 circular needles in stockinette I do not get ladders but when I am working in 1x1 ribbing I get huge ladders. What was weird was that when I switched from ribbing to stockinette I no longer had ladders and when I switched back to ribs the ladders were there again. How can I avoid this? I am pulling the stitch snug but do I need to pull even more snuggly when I am knitting a rib pattern?

Um … hm :thinking: What are ladders? :?? :oops:

Ladders appear at the point where DPNs or circulars meet each other. This is mostly an issue for cirucular knitting. Generally the gauge gets thrown off at these points and stretches out a bit.
I suspect the reason your 1x1 doing this is that your purl stitches aren’t being pulled tight enough.
The best thing to do is get into the habbit of giving an extra tug at the point where you move to the other set of DPNs/Ciruclars/other end of the needle.

Mmm … interesting. :thinking: I’ve not seen that before. Hey Lindsey, do you have a digi cam to take a snap of this? :mrgreen:

Check out this tutorial on Knitty:

3rd pic down

I’ve made a dozen socks with the magic loop method and tried everything to stop the ladders, I even “invested” in the Magic Loop book to see if there was a secret there that would help. The book even mentions that you should not pull too tighly on the first stitch since the last is already on the thin cable part of the needle and will automatically tighten when you slide it back onto the needle. That actually helped a bit.
The first socks I did with this method were ribbed at the cuff, to the heel, and then a plain stockingette stitch and the ladders were obvious, I then switched to a different pattern with a ribbing and cable that runs down the cuff and the front of the sock and found the ladders were nearly invisable against the edge of the cable stitch, I’m sure if the ribbing continued down the front that would help also the ladders are far less obvious against the ribbing.
I love the method! My socks never slide off of the needles in my little sock bag and there’s no fussing with a tangle of circular needles like the two cable method. I experimented because I really wanted to make the method work and I’m perfectly happy with it since I changed the pattern somewhat.
Hope that helps!

Thanks Marnie! :slight_smile: