Ladders in my socks!

Knitting socks has become a passion for me in the last few years and I still use 4 sticks to knit them but the last pair I made has ladders in the ribbing and I can’t seem to fix them or figure out what I am doing wrong. I’ve been at this craft for over 60 years and this is a first for me. Can anyone advise?

I knit with 5 needles, and I knit partway across the next needle before changing, so that each time around the spaces between the needles move.

But then, I also knit really really tight, which helps.

Thanks for the help. I have started to knit two stitches from the next needle so I guess that we are on the same page!

On dpns, I shift my stitches around like Jess. So if there are ladders, they happen at different spots. Less noticeable that way. Also, for my style of knitting, I get fewer ladders in ribbing, if I end on a purl stitch on one needle. And start on a knit stitch on the next needle. I get the least laddering with circulars.

It really doesn’t matter, it washes out with the first washing.

Do the ladders REALLY wash out???

I’ve been knitting for 4 months now and today started on my first sock,that said, I really think I would prefer to use cirs but couldn’t find instruction online for cirs. Using Silvers Sock Class (online) to teach myself and all that is there is for DPN’s!

Anyone know of a good tutorial for knitting socks with cirs?

You use circulars the same way you would dpns. I prefer magic loop for sock cuffs. Here is a video. She is knitting all the stitches. But you can do ribbing, etc. The technique is mostly to split the stitches in half on each needle. And work one set at a time then slide the stitches & work the other side. You can also do both socks at once.

It has been a long time since I knitted anything exclusively on dpns. I don’t know if the ladders wash out. Maybe it depends on the yarn.

I don’t think ladders in the ribbing portion of socks is a big deal in any event. Once you put them on, the ribbed portion stretches and you can’t even tell there ARE ladders.

I find that knitting two stitches from the next needle is the best way to avoid ladders. Whenever I knit with DPNs, no matter what I’m knitting, I always move the stitches around to avoid ladders.

They must be really huge socks for ladders to fit in them. :smiley:

lol, Noobknitter.

What you need to do now is to wrestle the ladders to get them out of your socks. Or else wait until they are asleep and then steal them back. :mrgreen:

(Sorry I don’t have more to add, but I have never knitted socks…)

I checked out the tutorials at the KnitPicks site. Because I work where socks are knit by machines in less than 5 minutes I have never had the desire to knit socks by hand until recently. I do not want to do DPNs. Just watching the videos gave me information that will help when I start knitting socks.

I have found that the important stitches to pay attention to to avoid ladders is the second and third stitch on the new needle. When you change needles, either dp or 2 circulars, you drop the needle in your right hand (right handed knitter) and it hangs as you start knitting off the left hand needle. The tension of the first stitch on the left needle is not enough to support this weight.

I put and extra tug on the first second and third stitch as I knit them on to the new needle. This has normally worked for me.