Laddering to fix an increase several rows down

I’m working on the Bayshore cardigan and realized I made an error on an increase 4 rows down.

Can I use laddering to fix this? I now have 268 stitches and don’t want to unravel.

The rows in between the increase are in stockinette stitch, so I’m a bit confused as to how I will fix the actual increase and then the knits in between. (Hope that makes sense!)

Appreciate your help.


Is this it? And is it a raglan increase? Which increase are you using? If the stitch count really matters maybe you could just sneak another increase in somewhere inconspicuous and pretend it was right all along? As for actually putting an increase where it should have been - if it can be done someone else will have to help you with it.

Here’s a video for repairing the laddered rows above the mistake in stockinette.

Are you going to eliminate the increase several rows down or something else? If you’re eliminating the increase, you’ll have a little extra yarn on that row and in the ladder but it should work its way into the sts on either side.

Yes, that is the one and I am on the raglan increases.

I don’t think I described the issue so well. The error I made at the increase a few rows below has left a whole(s). I’ve attached a picture of the mess I made.

At first, I thought I dropped a stitch, but could not find the loop to correct it. I ‘manipulated’ the stitches and continued to the next row hoping all would be good!!! I’m relatively new to knitting, but know that was not the right thing to do!

Then on the next row, a purl row, it became obvious that something was not right.

Thank you everyone for your input and advice.

I’m using a M1L for all the increases.