Lacy-looking hats

I was shopping in The Limited Two (or is it Too?) with my 7-year-old DD not so long ago and saw some beautiful hats. They covered the head but they were rather lacy. No pom poms or tassels or other features, just a very open-weave-type look. My daughter wanted one. I told her, “I’m learning to knit - I can make you one!” I’ve been unable to find a pattern for one and I have a sinking suspicion they are crocheted (something I do not know how to do). Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Maybe if I knew what they were called, I could find a pattern.

It may very well have been crocheted. But here are a bunch of children’s hat patterns that you can go through to see if there’s anything here she’d like.

Thank you, Ingrid.

I love this lace cap from Knitty!!!
I also found this pattern that is a bit lacey :wink: