Lacy Clutch Bag

I love the Norwegian Fir lace stitch that I found in “The Knitter’s Bible.” I used it in one of my wine bottle gift bag patterns and thought it would also look pretty used for the flap on a holiday clutch bag. I had a lot of fun working it up and was fairly pleased with the way it turned out.:slight_smile:

This bag is 5" x 7.5", knitted on No. 4 needles with Red Heart Super Saver medium worsted, Soft White, and lined with a black-and-white cotton paisley print. Lace holes serve as the buttonholes. I will probably add a knitted wrist strap to finish the bag.

It turned out beautiful. You’re quite talented (I checked out your website, too!) Amazing stuff.

:yay: very pretty!

Well done, :thumbsup: very tasteful.

That’s gorgeous!! I would buy that. :wink:

Well ! what can i say? It is lovely ! You most certainly have the knack for designing things Cyndi:)
Love it :slight_smile:

That’s so pretty :slight_smile:

Thanks, everybody! :slight_smile:

Here’s a closeup that gives you a little peek at the lining of the bag:

Cindy, that is just gorgeous. Such precise work. Thanks for the peek inside. I like the fabric you chose too. Lovely stitch.

Beautiful!! Love the lining too. Great job!

Ooooo so pretty!!