Lacy baby sweater

I think I know how to put pictures on now. :woot: Thanks to ArtLady and Jan. :hug:

This little sweater is a 0-3 month size, made from a Drops Design pattern (No. 13-18). I made it with a washable wool rated at 28 stitches= 4 inches. My first washable wool ever!

It is knit in one piece from the bottom, then you knit the sleeves from the cuff up and join it all together for the yoke. The pattern calls for buttonbands worked right on, but I opted for picking up stitches for them instead. The cuffs and collar have a crocheted trim.

Wow! That is beautiful!

That is so sweet! Beautiful work!



Wow is that cute!!

Wow love it!

Where do you live in WA? I live in Shelton WA.

Whoa, I wasn’t prepared for this - too much cuteness caught me off guard… lol :smiley: It’s really so adorable, and I love the simple, elegant lace pattern. Quite lovely pattern, great yarn choice, and wonderful job knitting :thumbsup:

It’s really adorable! What a lovely pattern:thumbsup:

It is just gorgeous! Nice job!:cheering:

Lovely pattern and beautiful knitting!

That is too CUTE.!!! Beautiful job on the knitting and finding such a cute pattern

WOW-that is gorgeous!! Great job, you are very talented!!


One word: AMAZING!!


That is gorgeous!!! I love knitted baby items! Well done. :woot:

:passedout: That is just so very, very pretty!

Thanks so much to all of you for taking the time to look and make a comment, and all the kudos. :aww: I really appreciate the knitting friends here and a chance to share with other knitters. :hug:

Duckling, I live in Bridgeport, Washington on the dry side of the state. No webbed feet over here. :slight_smile:


Ok. I can see that you’ve been a busy knitter! Wow! Your projects (including this one) have just been amazing! GREAT job!

That’s awesome!! You MUST have used size 0 or 1 needles!!:oo:

Ellen (or Trudy?), I did use size 1 needles for this one. I’m glad I managed to find where I scribbled that. :figureditout:

This Drops pattern also has pants (trousers), booties and a bonnet. I’m thinking of making at least the bonnet, but have gotten off on another project for now. :lol: There is also a blanket that goes with this outfit. It is beautiful, but looks like a lot of work.

Thanks for the compliment.