Lacey Socks: RAINY DAY SOCKS (Adorable!)

This is SO adorable, I can’t wait to make it…after my current 4 OTNs become FOs! LOL! I’m afraid it might be too advanced for me. Has anyone made this?

They’re called Rainy Day Socks, I hope that means they are a fast knit.

OMG!! Those are DARLING

I am in :inlove:


Wow! :heart:

Beautiful !!
I love them :drool:
Great color !!

But, hey, it says
Difficulty- Intermediate-Advanced :verysad:

That means, well, in my case,
it will be on my list for the future project. :pout:


Those are soooo cute!!!

I KNOW!!! :heart: :cheering: :heart:
I can’t wait to hear from someone who has made them to see just HOW advanced it is. I have 4 OTN now, but as soon as I can I’ll give it a try and see if I can handle it. The nice this is if you have a problem you can go to the LYS and ask them how to do it.

JJ, how did you like your new LYS? They have encouraged me to take in any hard projects to explain. They have a great book selection too. So does Barnes & Noble in the Woodlands, and it’s right next to the Starbucks in the store, so I can grab and sit right away! I hinted to hubby about getting me a book on easy socks. :wink: Ya! Like he’s gonna remember that!

[color=indigo]Just wanted you to know that I just started making socks on 3/9 and Rainy Day Socks are my 3rd pair. I didn’t have any problems with the pattern once I figured out the picot edge cast on.[/color]

[color=indigo][size=6]Go ahead give it a try![/size][/color]

PS Forgot to mention this is my first cuff down pair.

I have been swatching the lace pattern … very easy … it is the top edge that has me skeeeeeered !

I have been swatching the lace pattern … very easy … it is the top edge that has me skeeeeeered !

You can do it! Go for it, girl. Trust the pattern. :happydance: They are in my next sock queue.

I finally have these OTN, started them while in the hospital with my mom last week. The Dr. loved them so much I gave her my pattern and had to stop until I could get home to reprint them :slight_smile:

I’ve only started but I love them already. I wonder if I’ll be able to cover them up with shoes once they are ready. LOL!

Did you figure out the top? I figure you leave the provisional caston until the end and then do the picot edge there. Is that what you came up with?

How’s this going? Did you finish?
BTW, I LOOOOOOOOOVE your cutie pie Westie. I think you need to knit him a sweater, if you haven’t already! Check mine out on my blog.

I did these. EASY as pie.

No worries about the edging. I thought how the heck? :??

But in a mattuer of minutes :?? changed to :cheering:.
Once you do it, you GET it.

Chel, loved your blog, and those Rainy day socks look sooooooo great! Left a comment.

Also loved the clogs!

P.S. The Clapotis link on your sig is broken, can you fix that? It’s due to the new forum, you have to search for it and re-link. I wonder what a Clapotis is!

Should be fixed now. And THANKS!!!

I say go ahead and try them! :happydance: The lace isn’t that hard (I started a pair but used too-thick yarn) and they’ll go quickly on the large needles.


I just finished knitting them :slight_smile: The picot bit is tricksy but the lace pattern is nice and simple. They are toasty warm. Be warned though they do come up small.

Must update with the Finished pics =D

NO way! It looks like we used the exact same yarn! What is yours?

Ariel, I’ve been wanting to try these. Thanks for the encouragement. I love the picot edge on them and the lace pattern is gorgeous isn’t it. I printed it a while ago, but have been kinda worried it would be difficult. I’m just beginning my Monkey Socks. Have you made those yet? Not hard at all! Love your ShiTzu, by the way. We have a little rescue Shi named Angus, and two other rescue dogs and three cats! Love animals! samm

:muah:Thanks for adopting! I work with rescues. God bless you!

The socks are eaaaaaaasy. At first I didn’t get the edging, you k5 rows, then do 1 row of k1, yo. Then k5 more rows then you fold it over and k2tog. that’s what gives you that great edge. Then just go on to the great pattern.

A four row repeat which after a while you don’t even need to look at the pattern, you just tell because it’s alternating yo’s. So it’s easy to tell whether the current row is yo, k1 or k1, yo.

Go for it!