Lacey Cardigan

I am trying to find a pattern of something like a cardigan I can wear when its too cold for like a tank top or something. that looks sort of lacey and has a nice design.

I haven’t really been able to find anything. I found

I think it looks nice, but I’m not sure if I really like the yarn so I’m trying to find a new yarn…

And I’m open to any other sort of patterns you know of. =] Thanks!

What about Ariann:

Or Cece (you could probably lenthen the sleeves if you wanted to):

=] Those are nice.

Thanks Doc.

Bolero Style Cardigan:

Cutaway Front Cardigan:


Fitted Lace Cardigan:

Gala Print Cardigan:

Hibito Cardigan:

India Woven Lace Cardigan:

Lace Cable Cardigan:

Lace Cropped Cardigan:

Peacock Plumes Cardigan:

Cotton Cardigan:

Mesh Stitch Cardigan:

Lacy Top Cardigan:

Oooohh… the Cutaway Front Cardi… drool.

I loooove neoknits’ Granny Smith! So Pretty!!!

Woww. Thanks!

I really love the Granny Smith Pattern. xD I also really love the Gala print.