Lace shawl pattern?

I am looking to do a lace shawl for myself. I am totally in love with Moscow Nights and Pacific NW, but there’s no way on this earth I can afford $49 and $40 respectively for yarn. :frowning:

I guess my post really has 2 purposes - first: what yarn(s) would you recommend substituting for either of the above patterns? Second: what similar patterns would you recommend that don’t call for uber-expensive yarn?


I’m pretty sure you could use almost every lace yarn as a substitute, like for example Jaggerspun Zephyr.
theknitter sells them in 2 oz balls with 630 yards per ball. Three balls should be more than enough for any of the two shawls(you probably end up with a lot of left-over).
I just got my hands on one ball of zephyr and it’s incredible soft!

TY very much! I don’t know anything about lace work, but I figured that the only way to start learning is to jump in with both feet and my eyes closed. :wink:

I’m off to order the pattern and that yarn. :slight_smile:

You might also try Knit Picks. You can’t beat their prices! I’ve used their Shadow and it’s great!

Some of my fave shawl pattern can be found at fiber trends, too. And, Elann has some gorgeous free shawl patterns. You can also have a look here.
I also 2nd the KnitPicks suggestion for yarns :smiley:

KnitPicks has 5 different lace weight yarns. The most expensive is Shimmer which would still put your project price (for that shawl) at about $20. Elann ususally has a lot of shawl patterns. Also check out and even KnitPicks for a free pattern.