Lace scarf?

After knitting my second branching out I’m searching for a new pattern.
Something similare to it, but different :??

My stitch book is not much help, guess I need a new one with charts! I hate to knit from directions and I always fail on making the chart myself(anybody got any tips for that?).

It doesn’t have to be a pattern for a scarf specifically. It can also just be a chart for a lace pattern, but not more than 20 sts per repeat!


Here’s one I found, you can also look at knitting pattern central’s scarf page or this page that has lots of lace patterns.

At the very bottom of Staff Shrugs there is a nice lacy one:

hi javede,

knitty’s branching out scarf peaked my interest in lace scarves too, so i’ve started on this one: Dayflower Lace Scarf

i’m not done with it yet, but i posted pics of my progress on my blog so far… good luck with your search! =)

Thanks for the links!
I found a few patterns I liked, but when I knitted them in the particular yarn I use, they didn’t looked that good, so I :frog:
and returned to branching out :rollseyes:
But I’ll give it a try next time.

@roofth: oh, that one is nice too. Yours look lovely sofar. Guess most lace patterns look better with solid colors.

Everyone on the Ample Knitters site is doing lace. A fairly popular pattern and from what I gather simple one, is the feather and fan.

You can see a sample of one here:

It’s made in Microspun and isn’t that open, but I suppose you could play with the pattern and use different weights and needle sizes.

I’ve been thinking of trying lace myself. As soon as I finish the 50 other projects I’ve got lined up.

roofth, that Dayflower Lace scarf is to die for!

I’m also looking to branch out from Branching Out, so that’ll be great to try soon :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Thanks for the pretty lace scarves listed here. I just printed some of them out. :happydance:

:smiley: Javede, I agree with Ruth, the Dayflower Lace is fun & a quick knit…u will love it if you enjoy Branching Out, I did this one for my mil for Mother’s Day, I used 1 skein of Brown Sheep’s cotton fleece…it was rather short for my taste (around 5 ft), but perfect for my mil :thumbsup: