Lace Scarf Pattern- NEED HELP!

the pattern says:

R1: K1, yfd, k3, k3tog, k3, yfd, k1, rep from to end

Does yfd mean i bring the yarn to the front as if to purl? Do I keep it to the front for the whole row? Or just the first stitch of k3?

Help please!

It’s the same as a yo (in this pattern at least).
You bring the yarn to the front, and then back to the back over the right hand needle, so it creates a new stitch.

So, you knit 1, then you do the yarn over, then knit 3, k3tog, yo, k1 and repeat.

You can’t knit a stitch with the yarn in front, so bringing it forward then knitting the following sts will make it a yarnover. Or you can just bring the yarn to the front, then around to the back to knit the sts. Either way you think of it, it makes a YO.