LACE please

OK chaps, I’ve been looking at lace. Ooooh, fancy a crack at that!

But, all I can find on the web seems to be scarves (BORING) or bookmarks (?! whose got time to read :passedout: ).

I need some ideas of something to knit lace thats not too big (shawl is a bit of an undertaking), but not just a sampler.

Any ideas? :think:


There are shawl patterns available at, some of them smallish, at and at and

Here are a couple smallish shawls. Using sock yarn they go pretty fast.

smiles…I was just about to ask the same thing…

I just bought a few different Lace weight skeins (in the ball park of 800 yards) and my eyes were going buggy looking at ravelry…


I could see me KNITTING one, but I can’t envisage WEARING one :noway:

would you consider a bathroom window curtain done in cotton ie Peachs n’ Cream, small, but large enough yarn large enough needles not to go absolutly buggy, or just the valance?
Just an idea

How about socks? Lots of lacy sock patterns out there.

Or maybe a pillow?

Did you particularly want to try lace-weight yarn? You can knit lace with any weight of yarn.

Some of the smaller shawls can be worn as a scarf, particularly the ‘kerchief’ type ones that are beginning to be really popular.

For me…I don’t care if it is a shawl…they seem to be trendy right now…

and I am looking lace weight…smiles

What do you like to knit? Socks? vest? hat? gloves? washcloth?
doily or table runner? All can be made with lace!
I say go for what you like to knit and if you get stuck, there are lots of us here to help.

How about a Mobieus? Smallish and quite beautiful in lacy stitches. Here is one.
Lots of shops sell this pattern.

I am knitting some lace right now. It is the feather and fan pattern. I am making a scarf with seed stitch borders and 4 repeats of the feather and fan motif. I am using size 7 needles and Wool-Ease Worsted weight in Navy Blue

OK, I may be mad :eyebrow: In fact some will say that is proven fact, but I have purchased a pattern from CrazyLaceLady on Ravelry. The different lace patterns make it like a sampler as much as a shawl.

I think this is WAY beyond my current capabilities, but if you don’t try you’ll never know. And it is soooooo beautiful I’ve just gotta try it. Estonian Potpourri.

I’ll be back when I get stuck !!! :roflhard: