Lace Pattern

I am starting a new summer top and it has a lace pattern in the front middle… I just finished a sweater with a lace pattern in the sleeve and thought I had a handle on things… My new pattern is called “waterfall”… It was free with the silk yarn… There is a code at the bottom…“K-ER1074PAD”… I get the first part but the part between the second yf and psso has me confused… here it is:
yf, k2tog, yf, s1, k1, psso, k3, k2tog, yf, k3
Do I pass the slipped stitch over both the yf and the knitted stitch? I believe yes, but would like confirmation…

You want to have a yo, dec, yo, dec, k3. You might find working an ssk instead of an sl k psso less confusing and both make left leaning decreases. I routinely use ssk and not skp because for me it’s easier and faster to work and I think it looks nicer.

The slipped stitch goes over only the knit one stitch. Here’s a video for the yf, sl 1, k1, psso. It’s not perfect because the slip stitch should technically be slipped knitwise but it’s ok

The slipped stitch may try to sneak under the yarn over but you can use your right index finger or thumb to hold the yarn over out of the way while you pick up the slipped stitch.

It works!!! Of course!!! I did that the first time but thought I was doing it wrong… Again you come to my rescue… KnittingHelp is lucky to have someone of your experience and knowledge…:grin:. Happy knitting!!!