Lace pattern on lillian tank

I am attempting the Lillian Tank Top and am confused with the lace pattern. I think my error is coming from the YO portion. How do I YO after a purl stitch when the yarn is already in front? I used the right number of stitches in the first row of lace but second row of lace then I had 4 remaining stitches.

pattern: p1, YO, k4, sl1, k1, PSSO, p1, k2tog, k4, YO *repeat


You just wrap the yarn around the needle by having the yarn go over the needle and to the back, then you resume knitting as usually.

Make a full wrap around the needle - take the yarn over the top, then around through the tips to the front again. It’s like making a purl stitch without the R needle inserted into a stitch on the L needle.

But since the next stitch is knit, don’t you do what blueygh’s said - take the yarn over the top and knit the next stitch? It’s my least favorite yarn over (between a P & a K) - the length of yarn is so short. I try to make it as loose as possible so the hole won’t be tooooo small (or I wrap backwards - go under between needles, over the top and back between for the next knit stitch - I know it’s backwards but it gives more yarn for the hole to be created with.)

I never had problems with it, but then, I’m a loose knitter …

Whoops, my directions were for the YO between a knit and a purl, not the one from purl to knit.