Lace pattern help


I’m about to tackle a tricky project that has some lace work I understand how to do the lace from the below instructions but I don’t understand what this means?

“with 1 edge st. additionally at each end”

Can anyone help please?
Thank you

Instructions read:

Lace pattern A: no. of sts. mult of 6, with 1
edge st. additionally at each end.
Row 1: *P2, K2, P2, rep from *.
Row 2: work sts. as they appear.
Row 3: *P2, K1, yarn-over, K1, P2 (= 7 sts.), rep
from *.
Row 4: *K2, P3, K2, rep from *.
Row 5: *P2, K3, then slip the 1st of these 3 over
sts. 2 and 3, P2 (= 6 sts.), rep from *. Work row
1 once, then rep rows 2-5 throughout for patt.


Sometimes you see this described as a multiple of 6 plus 2. It means that you can work the pattern over multiples of 6 sts (e.g.,12,18,24,30, etc) which is the initial repeat with the addition of 2 sts at the ends (totals of 14,20,26,32 sts, etc). The pattern may give directions for how to work the edge sts.
Which pattern are you following?


Ahhhh ok that makes sense.

This pattern is a bit of a test for me so apologies I have another question already!

How do I knit this ?

Crossways ribs: alt 2 rows rev st-st (= P RS
rows; K RS rows) and 2 rows st-st

It requests i begin as so:

Back: cast on 110(122) sts. and P 1 WS row, then
work 9 cm = 36 rows crossways ribs, inc 12 sts.
evenly across last WS row (= make 1 purlwise tbl

I’m not sure how to knit the crossway rib? If it is asking me to knit 1 p row first in the back and this is then a ws row?
And then I start the rib?

It’s a bit confusing

It’s this free dress pattern I’m knitting from Love
Design 6630 / Red Mini Dress

Thank you again


Cast on and work the WS purl row. Now begin the crossways rib. It seems to me that the crossways rib should define rev st st as P RS rows; K WS rows.

Row 2 (RS) purl (Put a marker on the RS as a reminder of which is the RS)
Row 3 knit
Row 4 (RS) knit
Row 5 purl