Lace Lap Blanket

First off, I’d like to thank Amy for her great site, and everyone for the fantastic information in the forum. :slight_smile:

I’m looking for a pattern for a lace blanket to use while working on the computer or reading. I’d prefer a square or rectangular blanket, but I might also make a triangular shawl-type blanket. I’d also really prefer a free pattern, if at all possible.

I’d call myself an advanced beginner knitter, but I’m willing to take on a fairly complex project if I liked it enough.

Could you please show me your favourite lace blanket or shawl patterns? Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

:smiley: You might like some of these :smiley:

Thanks very much! I’ve decided to do Cozy from Knitty.

LOL, before I read your reply, I was going to post and suggest Cozy. :smiley:

Julie, what yarn are you using for your Cozy?

Me? You mean my Cozy that’s been on the needles since October? :roflhard: :oops: Wool-Ease…I’m making it for DH’s grandmother so it must be machine washable. :wink: It really is quite cozy…in fact it’s so dang cold here I should dig it out and start working on it again!

I really liked Knit Pick’s Suri Dream Lace Throw–it would be easy to do and looks like it would be rather quick to make with the bigger needles. Plus, I’m DYING for an excuse to use some alpaca yarn for something to see if it’s really as warm as I’ve heard!