Lace Ladder socks(+ pattern)

Since my sweater project is on hold at the moment(don’t have the DPNs for sleeves), I had some time finishing UFO’s. One of them are these lace socks. I dyed the yarn myself. I think it’s sock yarn, but honestly I don’t remember ever buying the undyed yarn :?? It’s a lot softer than the usual sock yarn…wish I would remember where I brought it…
I originally wanted it to be orange and green, but somehow messed up with the colors. After it was dried and wound into a ball, I didn’t really liked the colors. But now that it’s knitted it actually looks good!
The pattern(more a sketch of one) is available here on my blog.

They look great!

Great job! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Very nice socks :thumbsup: Thanks so much for sharing your pattern :wink:

Very nice! and I love the colour!

I love those (and all of your work!)

Great job–I looked at all your FOs on Flickr , by the way, and you are a very very good and prolific knitter!! Good gracious–you knit fast and furiously, don’t you!! Good for you!! :smiley: