Lace knitting HELP!

Hi, I am making a doily and the pattern says this;
-5> = knit as many stitches as indicated on last needle of previous round before starting new round. What does this mean? Does it mean to slip 5 right hand stitches of last needle to left and knit those and then slip them back to right needle?

Hi, Patty. I have never come across the symbols used there in a pattern before “-5>=”. But I’m assuming that they are saying when you see -5> it means (the = sign) what they say there. “knit as many stitches as indicated (in this case 5) on last needle of previous round before starting new round.”

Like I said I’ve never come across that before, but it sounds like you are working in the round, possibly on dpns? I’m thinking they may give this direction at the end of a row where you are working on the last of the dpns before beginning a new round. I think they may want you to take an empty dpn and when you have 5 stitches left on that last needle, begin a new needle there by knitting the last 5 of that row onto the new needle and then continuing on to the stitches on the next needle, knitting them onto that needle as well.

I don’t know if that makes any sense but I thought maybe they were wanting you to move the beginning of the row either one time, or possibly they do this all the time and rotate the stitches around for some reason. :shrug:

This is just a guess. Maybe someone else will weigh in and between all of us we can figure it out. Do you have a link to the pattern, or can you tell us where the pattern is, what booklet or whatever, and the name of the pattern? Sometimes we can find a picture of the item by the name if nothing else.

Is it possible for you to post the pattern, what site you found it? Maybe if we can see the whole thing, even just a photo of the finished item, it might help.

I am virtually positive that this is shifting the start of round 5 stitches. I am just not sure which way they intend.

To shift the start of round RIGHT, normally you do NOT knit the last couple of stitches of the precedeing round. if the -5 is suppossed to be minus five rather then dash five then it would go right.

To shift LEFT you would normally knit x numbers of stitches PAST the end of the preceeding round. However I would describe it as being on the FIRST needle of the preceeding round, not the last…

so I am still confused as to which direction they intend to move the start/end of round.